Obrajillo, Peru - Coexistence - Ian Stevenson Photography


This body of work is a look at the interaction between man and nature. It attempts to show how nature adapts to our way of life, and the relationship of power between the two. Of course there are still elements of nature that we have not harnessed yet, such as the ocean and natural disasters, but ultimately humans have the greater power. It is important that we are careful of the power that we do have, and hold respect for everything in nature.

Our society has become very out of touch with the idea of peaceful coexistence. We need to take a lesson from our ancestors; people who had less power to control their environment. This lack of power gave them more of a sense of the importance of nature, and the need to protect and live in harmony with it in order to survive.

The goal of the work is to raise consciousness of our coexistence with nature. This relationship is especially important in these times with all the damage humans are doing to the world. We as a people need to make a greater effort to protect nature and live in harmony with it. To peacefully coexist.


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