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Humans have mastered time, technology, the environment, and have become a very efficient people, but what has been lost to attain these feats? Many jobs train how to do one task as quickly and effectively as possible; no need to think, just do. We use GPS and Google Maps to find the quickest routes to our destination; compassion goes out to our fellow traffic jam riders with choice four-letter words.

This goal of maximum efficiency couples with technology and effectively introverts us. We use Bluetooth to multitask a meeting while we order at Starbucks, ignoring the person behind the counter because chitchat with a stranger doesn’t appear to be beneficial. We close ourselves off from our surroundings by making our sensory perceptions self-contained; we dampen bird song with our iPod, avoid wildflowers as we stare at text messages. We are on our way to becoming robots.

My focus as a photographer is to help us all slow down, notice and interact with our surroundings, and think for ourselves. I do this by capturing mundane yet fascinating images of everyday life, often momentary scenes that we might overlook in our fast-paced society. The viewer may contemplate my purpose or message in a particular photograph, thereby stirring their own thoughts and helping to renew sensitivity to life's small details. I want to inspire people to pocket their iPhones and instead use their eyes to see the beauty around them!

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